4 Best Winter Wiper Blades of 2017


best winter wiper blades

Winter driving is a skill that requires visual clarity. Therefore, it’s a must for all vehicles to have efficient winter wiper blades installed in their windshield. It’s important for everyone to be prepared at all times for various elements of the weather, especially during winter time.

Best Winter Wiper Blades:

#1 – Bosch ICON
#2 – Rain-X Latitude

#3 – Aero Premium
#4 – Michelin Stealth Hybrid

Generally, replacements for the blades are supposed to be done every six months to one year, at the most. However, such rule about winter wiper blades replacement is not followed at all times due to procrastination. It was found that some drivers only replace their wipers several years after it was already damaged.

A 2004 study revealed:

  • One in every five registered vehicles in the United States was found to be driving with defective windshield wipers.
  • There were approximately 47 million people driving blindly during a storm.

Bosch ICON Wiper Blade

Available Sizes: 13 to 28 inches
Price: See price on Amazon.com

This blade is one of the best winter wiper blades ever that BOSCH has manufactured. It has a survival rate of 40 percent, longer than most blades produced today. It is easy to install this blade, with its patented beam design that ensures windshield visibility even in extreme weather condition including snow storm.

Its rubber is heat and ozone resistant. It uses the tension spring arcing technology that perfectly fits any windshield curve. It also has the asymmetric spoiler that pushes down the blade against the windshield.

Rain-X Latitude Wiper Blades


Available Sizes: 16 to 28 inches
Price: See price on Amazon.com

This product is sure to be included in the best winter wiper blades list because of its ability to resist water through its coating formula called the Rain-X Water Repelling Technology. It is quiet and the blade can withstand various weather conditions.

Make sure to get the right size of the blade that fits the wiper using their Blade Size Finder in the company’s website. This ensures that the correct blade size is the one indicated in accordance with the vehicle’s model.

AERO Premium All-Season Frameless Windshield Wiper Blades


Size: 8 to 28 inches
Price: See price on Amazon.com

It is highly recommended as one of the best winter wiper blades because of its durability against harsh weather. Its rubber is guaranteed to be noise-free, and to provide with the best possible wipe with every motion. Each blade in the pack is aligned with a sliding plastic binder that’s easy to remove in case a replacement needs to be made.

Its blade has a flexible spine that easily adjusts to the curvature of the windshield. There is no need to switch blades regardless of the change of season – spring, summer, fall or winter – as the blade is made tough against harsh weather elements.

Michelin Stealth Hybrid Windshield Wiper with Smart Flex Design

Available Size: 16 to 28 inches

This is truly one of the best winter wiper blades. Studies have shown that this blade has outranked its competitors after the 300,000 wipe cycle test was done. It’s easy to do an installation job with this wiper blade because it uses an EZ – Lock connector. It uses the Smart Flex Design wherein the blades adjust to the natural curvature of the windshield, depending on the vehicle type.

What to Look for in Winter Wiper Blades

What does it take for a wiper blade to be phenomenal and to be truly tagged as one of the best winter windshield wipers? We have provided a consumer guide to follow. The winter wiper blades should have the following characteristics:

  • Value: Regardless of the price, it’s worth having not only the best winter wiper blades installed in our vehicles, but the most affordable one that’s in accordance with our monthly budget.
  • Reviews: Social media and the internet have made it easier to look for this information about the user’s feedback of the product. Simply use the browser or search engine of your choice to get updated customer reviews. Sometimes, people will post testimonial videos and upload them on social video sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Veoh, and the like.
  • Testing: Sometimes third party companies conduct a series of tests to show the durability of the wiper blade.
  • Sizes: The blade is available for different types of vehicle models.
  • Build Quality: Heavy duty and can withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Ease of Use: Easy to clean, install, and remove

There’s this tendency for wipers to store debris and ice. Companies have found ways to make cleaning them a breeze for its end users. At the same time, detailed instructions on how the wiper blades are installed are either posted on social media or on the company’s web site.

When possible, opt for silicone wiper blades instead of rubber ones. Silicone blades last longer, and can take tough weather conditions.

5 Tips for Buying Winter Wiper Blades

Here are some tips to consider when buying and looking for the best winter wiper blades:

  1. Check the manufacturer’s manual for instructions as to what type of windshield wiper blade brand will be used specifically for your vehicle.
  1. Make sure that the right size of the blade is chosen.
  1. Bring the worn out wiper blade to the store. Ask a salesperson to make recommendations as to the best winter wiper blades available to replace your old ones.
  1. Don’t be in a rush to buy a wiper blade just because it’s on sale. Make sure to check the quality of the product before purchasing it, otherwise, it can lead to disastrous results, and cause you to spend more money.
  1. If it’s possible, ask if the store has a service that allows them to install the replacement winter wiper blades personally.

Care & Maintenance of Winter Wiper Blades

Generally, the wiper blades need to be checked within six months even if they are still in good condition. However, replacement time may vary depending on windshield visibility. If the blades don’t properly connect with the windshield, then it’s time to replace them with new ones.

Every winter wiper blade needs to be checked for wear and tear. The best winter wiper blades should improve windshield visibility. Here are the following signs that will signify it’s time to change them:

-The rubber is worn out or split

-The frame is bent

-Noise and limited range of motion of the blades. The blades are squeaking, skipping, and creating snow streaks on the windshield.

Make a schedule as to when preventive maintenance checkups will be done.Environmental factors like debris, moisture, oil and sun are causes for the wear and tear of the wiper blades. Wiper blades need to be replaced within the year as part of the preventive maintenance process.

Its a good idea to have a spare replacement wiper blade of your choice just in case it breaks out earlier than intended.

Common Wiper Blades Problems

  • Splitting: It happens when the rubber squeegee is exposure to the sun for a long time, therefore causing split and breakdown.
  • Wearing: Wearing happens when the blades have been extensively used, causing it to have rounded edges.
  • Streaking: Skipping is brought about by cracked or hardened rubber squeegee. It’s also found in the foreign matters that get collected in the linings of the blade.

How to Find Your Wiper Blade Size

Websites offer applications or search pages that allow the customer to look for a specific location of the store, wiper blade size or type in accordance with the model of the car or truck.

  • com’s Blade Size Finder app. Simply input the size of the blade, the make and model of the vehicle being used.
  • Bosch Wiper Blade app
  • Favorite hardware store’s online app like Loewe’s or Amazon

Some website apps allow the customer to look for a location or retailer that sells the best winter wiper blades. The fields may vary nevertheless it will usually include the name of the city where one lives and zip code. Once the necessary info has been filled in, there’s a button somewhere that does an automatic search of the nearest store. If this is not available, then it’s about time to contact customer service via the toll-free number provided.


Preparation is the key. Knowledge of safety measures is power. Having the right winter wiper blade keeps car owners safe. It helps cars and trucks function better, as vehicle owners drive through challenging winter roads ahead.